Illinois Black Panther Party Resources

Below are links to selected resources representing a variety of viewpoints. We will be expanding this list. We welcome comments about them and suggestions for additional resources. 


It’s About Time Black Panther Party Legacy & Alumni
A comprehensive web site from former members

The Black Panther Party 10 Point Program  


From the Bullet to the Ballot by Jakobi Williams
A detailed history of the  Illinois Black Panther Party and its legacy

The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther by Jeffrey Haas
Written by one of the lawyers who pursued that case against the Chicago police for the murder of Fred Hampton    

The Black Panther Party [Reconsidered] by  Charles E. Jones (Editor)
An anthology of articles about the BPP from the personal to the academic

 Black Against Empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party  by  Joshua Bloom, Waldo E. Martin Jr.
Using 12 years of research, the authors have written comprehensive history of the BPP

Survival Pending Revolution: The History of the Black Panther Party by  Paul Alkebulan
A general history of the BPP using documents and personal accounts

Seize the Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton by Bobby Seale
The co-founder’s history of the Black BPP

The Black Panthers Speak edited by Philip S. Foner
Original source material from the BPP including cartoons, flyers, and articles. 

Liberation, Imagination and the Black Panther Party: A New Look at the Black Panthers and Their Legacy edited by Kathleen Cleaver
One of the leaders of the BPP has assembled this collection of articles

On the Ground: The Black Panther Party in Communities Across America by Judson L. Jeffries
Concentrates on the survival programs of the BPP in several American cities


Achieving the Dream: Death of a Panther from WTTW(Chicago public TV)
Focuses mainly on Fred Hampton

Interview with Billy “Che” Brooks by José “Cha-Cha” Jiménez
A recent interview with one of the key leaders of the Illinois Black Panther Party.

The Surprising Legacy of the Black Panther Party in Chicago by Aaron Leonard
Interview with Jakobi Williams, author of the book “From the Bullet to the Ballot.”

Black Panthers and Fred Hampton by the Peoples Law Office
An article by the law office that represented the Hampton Family in a suit against the Chicago police.

1969: The Year the Black Panther Party Was to Be Annihilated by Gabriel San Roman
An interview with national BPP leader Elaine Brown. Includes some Chicago material.

The Original Rainbow Coalition: An Example of Universal Identity Politics by Jakobi Williams
The class politics of the Illinois Black Panther Party and their legacy.

In Memorium: Bobby Lee, Black Panther by Hy Thurman
Memories of fellow Rainbow Coalition founder Bobby Lee, 1942-2017.