Resources about the Young Patriots Organization

Below are links to selected resources representing a variety of viewpoints. We will be expanding this list. We welcome comments about them and suggestions for additional resources. 


Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power by Amy Sonnie and James Tracy
Has an entire chapter devoted to the Young Patriot Organization.

From the Bullet to the Ballot by Jakobi Williams
This history of the Illinois Black Panther Party contains material about the Young Patriots and their relationship to the Black Panthers.


Organizing Poor Whites in Chicago Illinois by Peggy Terry
As one of the key organizers of Jobs or Income Now (JOIN), Peggy Terry played an important role in setting the stage for the Young Patriots Organization and later becoming one of its members. 

Bowls of Cherries and Grapes of Wrath by Peggy Terry
A brief autobiography of Peggy Terry’s life struggling against poverty in the the American Southland.

The 11 Point Program of the Young Patriots Organization (YPO)
From the beginning the Young Patriots wanted to make clear where they stood. Rejecting a band-aid approach to the social problems plaguing Uptown, the YPO issued a comprehensive program that showed how social change had to come from the bottom up. 


American Revolution 2 
A gritty documentary  about the beginning of the alliance between the Black Panther Party and the Young Patriots Organization. Shot  against the violent  backdrop of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago.


American Revolution 2, Story of Chicago ’68
The New York Times review of a film that includes footage of YPO members in an emotional Uptown community meeting.

The (Original) Rainbow Coalition by James Tracey
Based on an interview with Black Panther member Bob Lee who was instrumental in setting up the alliance with the Young Patriots and the Panthers which eventually became the Rainbow Coalition

Church Influence on New Left Told
Testimony from the Senate Internal Security Committee about North Side churches and their alleged “influence” on radical political groups.

North Side Ministry Admits Some Aid Went To Street Gangs
Rev James Reed discusses how he allocated money for legal aid and free breakfast programs.

Periodic checkups help fight V.D.
Chicago Defender article that lists the Young Patriots clinic as a place to go for exams.

Picket Offices of AMA
Members of the Student Health Organization picketed the AMA HQ in support of free clinics organized by the Panthers, Patriots and Young Lords.

Why did the Free Clinic Close?
A surprisingly sympathetic column about efforts to close the Young Patriots free clinic by Tribune writer Bob Cromie.

Council’s Hearing on Clinics Erupts in Disorder: 3 Evicted
The City wanted inspectors to examine the free clinics, a common way that Chicago officials use to shut down operations for political reasons.

41 arrested in Protest of Uptown Clinic’s 5-Day Week
The Young Patriots recognized the gravity health crisis in Uptown and in addition to creating their own free clinic, demanded that  Chicago Board of Health clinic extend its hours and advertise its services. Many Uptown residents were not even aware of its existence. As a result of the YPO led sit-in the city clinic agreed to extend night hours and remain open on Saturdays.

Evicted Group Reopens Free Medical Center
After being evicted from  Sunnyside Ave the YPO clinic reopened on Sheridan Rd.

Tells Uptown Problems
The Young Patriots announce that their free clinic will be temporarily housed in their Sheridan Road HQ.

Seminary To Ask Court To End Sit-in
A coalition that included the Young Lords and the Young Patriots occupied the McCormick Seminary demanding that it take a great role in solving community problems and displacing neighborhood residents.

Leave Today Invaders Told At Seminary
A coalition that included the Young Lords and the Young Patriots occupied the McCormick Seminary charging it with not doing enough for the community and with displacing neighborhood residents.

Five Day Sit-In at McCormick Seminary Ends
A coalition that included the Young Lords and the Young Patriots occupied the McCormick Seminary demanding that it take a great role in solving community problems and displacing neighborhood residents.

Seek to Link Loop Bomb, Raided Group
Police raided a North Side apartment and arrested  51 people because of an alleged “seminar on anarchy” which police claimed may have been linked to an attempted bombing of the Civic Center. The Young Patriots were mentioned.

Uptown College Site Foes Give Their Plan 
At a meeting of the Uptown Community Conservation Council the Young patriots join with opponents of a plan to build a community college which would displace many low income residents.

My special Christmas gift by Chuck Armsbury
Chuck  Armsbury was a leader of the Patriot Party In Eugene OR, a spin-off from the Young Patriots which tried to set up a national group based on the principles of the Rainbow Coalition. He went to prison as part of the general repression of the movement. This is his account of how that happened.

Against the “Ally Industrial Complex”: Re-visiting the Legacy of the Young Patriots and the Rainbow Coalition by rev_anthro
A 2015 article that examines the rainbow concept as it applies to today’s to building multi-racial alliances today.