Rising Up Angry Resources

Below are links to selected resources representing a variety of viewpoints. We will be expanding this list. We welcome comments about them and suggestions for additional resources. 


Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power:  by Amy Sonnie and James Tracy 
Has an entire chapter devoted to Rising Up Angry 

From the Bullet to the Ballot:  by Jakobi Williams
Contains material about Rising Up Angry’s efforts to end gang rivalries and focus on social issues 

Livin’ in the USA by Aaron Fager (out of print) 
Comix from the pages of the Rising Up Angry newspaper.


The Rising Up Angry Facebook page   
Modern political commentary, radical history plus an incredible photo gallery.


‘Rising Up Angry’: Porch climbers, greasers, popcorn girl, and a family, 1968-’69 by Mike James
A personal memoir from a Rising Up Angry founder focusing on the early days of the organization

To love we must fight: Serving the people mind, body, and soul, 1969-’76 by Mike James
More personal memories from a Rising Up Angry founder covering a lot of ground. Of partiular is how the organization combined culture and politics.

Rising Up Angry  by Euan Hague 
 Concentrates on how Rising Up Angry used its newspaper as a basis for organizing.