Young Lords Resources

Below are links to selected resources representing a variety of viewpoints. We will be expanding this list. We welcome comments about them and suggestions for additional resources. 


Young Lords Party 13  Point Program And Platform

Young Lords in Lincoln Park  Collection
Interviews and  documents organized by YLO founder José “Cha-Cha” Jiménez

National Young Lords
A website collection of history, biography and poetry related to the YLO. Contains some excellent original video. 

Young Lord Killed
A 1969 article about the police shooting that left Manuel Ramos dead and Raphael Rivera wounded


The Young Lords: A Reader by Darrel Enck-Wanzer (Editor)
Essays, journalism, photographs, speeches, and pamphlets from Young Lords around the country.

Palante: Young Lords Party by the Young Lords Party and Michael Abramson
A handsome books of photos and writing focusing mostly on the NY Young Lords

We Took the Streets: Fighting for Latino Rights with the Young Lords by Miguel Melendez
Written by one of the founders of the NY Young Lords


A Common Cause: 40 Years of Struggle and Remembrance by Martha M. Arguello
A detailed history that accompanied a  2009 DePaul University  photo exhibit of Young Lords activities

The Young Lords: A Brief Introduction with Some Illustrations  from the Prison Culture web site
Describes the birth of the Young Lords in Chicago and its expansion to New York City

The Young Lords and Early Chicago Puerto Rican Gangs by Mervin Mendez
A Puerto Rican historian traces the evolution of the Young Lords from a gang to a political organization 

Young Lords 40th Anniversary  by frank-edwards
How the Young Lords resisted the “urban renewal” of Lincoln Park

Latin Liberation News Service: The Newspapers of the Young Lords Organization by Michael Gonzales
An analysis of the YLO and its publications, along with its relationship to the Young Lords Party

The Chicago Young Lords: (Re)constructing Knowledge and Revolution by Jacqueline Lazú
Contains suggestions for further reading about the Young Lords 

Young Lords Serve and Protect by Hilda Vasquez Ignatin (PDF)
A very detailed article about the YLO in Chicago that appeared in the May 1969 issue of The Movement newspaper

Leader of 60s Latino Group Says Unity Needed Now More Than Ever byNaomi Cohen
Cha Cha Jimenez, former leader of the YLO in Chicago, talks about the need for multi-racial revoltionary unity today