Resources about Uptown

Below are links to selected resources representing a variety of viewpoints. We will be expanding this list. We welcome comments about them and suggestions for additional resources. 


Uptown: Poor Whites In Chicago
Traces the history of JOIN and SDS involvement in Uptown

Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power: Community Organizing in Radical Times
Follows the radical history from SDS to the Young Patriots in Uptown

From Diversity to Unity: Southern and Appalachian Migrants in Uptown Chicago, 1950-1970
A scholarly book that makes use of oral history to tell the story of southern migration to Uptown


Uptown, Chicago: from Wikipedia
General information with links to other sources

Uptown Chicago History
Mostly cultural history and personal memories

Uptown: from The Encyclopedia of Chicago History
General information with links to specific topics

The Battle for Uptown by Alison Fisher
A detailed history of Uptown focusing mostly on housing issues

Chicago’s Uptown Neighborhood in the mid-1970s
Photographs by Bob Rehak

Helen Shiller: from Wikipedia
A capsule history of a woman whose multiracial working class organizing shaped modern  Uptown

Helen Shiller’s Chicago Uptown legacy by Jake Malooley
A 2011 article from Chicago Time Out assessing her  career as alderwoman

Hillbilly Heaven: Chicago’s Other Migration from the South by David Wittner
Focuses on the social history as seen  from Carol’s Pub

Taking a Look at Uptown 40 Years Ago by Josclynn Brandon
Combines Bob Redak’s historic photos with his commentary on their context

Uptown Uprising and the Right to the City by Bob Simpson
Modern Uptown community organizing in a historical context